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 Chat Box Rules

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PostSubject: Chat Box Rules    Fri Sep 23, 2011 6:44 pm

Chatting rules

Please follow the rules listed below. Please note that if you break these rules 3 times or more, you will be banned for a period of time or a permanent ban.

-No cursing 24/7 but you can curse once and a while and not in front of the younger children either.
-Do not be mean to any newcomers or young ones.
-Do not copy and paste any inappropriate links. You will get three strikes. This means if one of us admins sees you posting inappropriate links three times or more you will be banned.
-Do not say mean or hurtful things to Justin because he will most likely ban you. This website is a website for true belibers.
-Do not joke around with the admins because we do not take stupid jokes easily. You will get three strikes and if we see you doing this three or more times you will be banned.
-No putting up other forum links to try and have others to join, this isn't a advertisement site.
-When there is 6 or more people in the chatbox, it gets very hectic. When this happens, please make sure to put '@Username' at the beginning of your chat so we can tell who you're chatting to.
-Be nice, have fun, and be respectful.

If you follow these few chat box rules everything will be all good!! I hope everyone follows these rules so we can have a fun chat box!!! Cool Smile
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Chat Box Rules
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