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 Overcrowding Chatboxes

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PostSubject: Overcrowding Chatboxes    Sun Sep 25, 2011 1:02 am

Hello members of Justin Bieber american forum! I am Ally one of your four admins. I am making this post to let you know about the overcrowding of the chat boxes. Justin and i have decided to make another website just for another chat box. If there are more then 6 people trying chat on one chat box try going to the other chat box, it will most likely be less crowded. We have four admins but Justin will be switching back and forth from each chat box because it would be unfair if he is on one of the chat boxes and his other fans don't get a chance to talk tho him because he spent so much time on one chat box. We have decided that he will spend 30 minuets on each chat box if there are a lot of our members on.

Since we have four admins Kim, Justin, Aoife and me we will split us up between the chat boxes. Kim and Aoife will most likely be moderating this chat box and Justin and I the other chat box but once he has to change to this chat box it will just be me on the other chat box. When this happens I please ask you to not get to out of control because for a lot of people trying to chat all at once and with only admin it will very hard for me to focus. I will try my best at these times but it would be a ton of help if you were some what under control. Justin will try his absolute best at trying to talk to all of his fans. He is very busy and always try's his hardest but that can be hard at times.
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Overcrowding Chatboxes
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