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 Bouncer (A.K.A star of the month)

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PostSubject: Bouncer (A.K.A star of the month)    Wed Sep 28, 2011 8:41 pm

Bouncer (A.K.A star of the month)

Justin and I (mostly me Smile) decided to make a "star of the month" Like a Star @ heaven also known as a "bouncer." It will be a different person every month. If the same person gets picked more than once we will see that they are the only ones who are being nice, respectful, kind, caring and not being rude to everyone else on the chat box. If you are chosen to be the "star of the month" (bouncer) and you see anything you think us admins should know of or you think is going to turn out in a bad way PLEASE contact us as soon as you can! We would like to get to the problem quickly so nothing bad happens. If the "star of the month" (bouncer) thinks someone has been repeatedly being rude, hurtful or just plain mean and you think they should get banned for a few days tell the admins. If the admins aren't on at the time the best thing you can do is pm one of us and when we get it we will consult with one and other and see what we are going to do about it.

If you want to be a "star of the month" (bouncer) the admins will be moderating how you are on the chat boxes and when it comes close to the date when we are going to pick the "star of the month" (bouncer) we will announce the winner for the month either on a topic post or we will announce it by pm. I think most likely we will make a different topic post and keep track of who has been the "the star of the month" (bouncer) and it will help us to see how many times you have been "the star of the month" we would like each and everyone of you to have a chance at being the "star of the month" (bouncer) but once again that will be your choice if you really want to be one because if you do and your behavior is not well you will have a lower chance of being picked. You will have a lower chance of being picked because we would like our "star of the month" (bouncer) to be nice, respectful, caring, and kind to all of the members!!

Good luck to all who want to be "the star of the month" (bouncer) I hope you get chosen and will be a good influence to everyone here on this chat box!! If you have any questions please contact Justin or me!!


cheers I hope ALL of you do great!!
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Bouncer (A.K.A star of the month)
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