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 New group! VIP's (Very Important Person's or People)

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PostSubject: New group! VIP's (Very Important Person's or People)   Thu Sep 29, 2011 7:13 pm


The VIP's are a group that stands for: (just in case you didn't know,) Very Important Person's or if you don't want to sound like a caveman, Very Important People! Duh-da-duh! Sprays confetti. Smile The VIP's are people who act like a Administrator or Moderator, but don't have Administrator/Moderator status at the moment. It doesn't just take you a day to become a VIP. It takes dedicated quality work to become one of these special people! Don't just become a VIP because it's cool to have your name be a different color, have 5 stars, etc... There are requirements to become a VIP are listed below. Some of the requirements take more then the average Administrator, because being a VIP is very important.


The requirements for the VIP's are in a bullet pointed list below:

  • Must have AT LEAST 20 quality posts. (This doesn't include replying to a post. Remember, QUALITY posts, not just two sentences long.)
  • Show random acts of kindness. (Basically, be nicer then you have to.)
  • Be nice to EVERYONE. (Don't just show off your good side to the admins, and then when we are gone, start being rude to everyone.)

How can I join or help?

You can help by reporting someone being rude or mean on the forum, chatbox, or PM by contacting us here
. You can join by sending a PM to anyone of the admins, or use the link used before. Smile

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New group! VIP's (Very Important Person's or People)
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