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 Second Chat box Rules.

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PostSubject: Second Chat box Rules.    Mon Oct 10, 2011 7:41 pm

2nd Chat box Rules

These rules are a little different from these chat box rules on here....some of them are the same but some may differ..

*Try to keep the swearing to a minimum but since this chat box doesn't have to be as neatly organized and not so much swearing.
*On both chat boxes you should be nice and kind. You should NEVER be mean or rude. Treat others the way you want to be treated or just get off and move on with your life because we will not put up with that.
*Try to keep the overcrowding of the chat boxes to a minimum. This is why we have two chat boxes. If you log in to one of the chat boxes and there are more than 6 people please do us a favor and go to the other chat box so its not hectic. It is VERY hard to listen to every one talk and every thing is moving so fast its hard to answer everyone.

But most of all HAVE FUN!!!! Very Happy Razz Smile Cool

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Second Chat box Rules.
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